GiveLively Test

Hidden Embed Sample

This method allows us to embed a form on the Furlanthropy website and upon submission of the form, redirect the person to create their peer-to-peer campaign in GiveLively (much like Arreva, but it's more seamless and user friendly).

If we go this route, I would recommend we make a "Start a Campaign" landing page that shares the types of campaigns and then we can direct them to the appropriate peer-to-peer page within GiveLively. This is just a sample of how it would look/work and all campaigns will go to creating a pet expense peer-to-peer fundraiser because I haven't set up the other fundraiser types for the purposes of the test. I also put random info fields for the form, but we could ensure it matches the existing form fields if we like this.

Straight Embed Sample

This is a sample of what it would look like to embed a donation page from GiveLively onto the Furlantrhopy site. I think this is harder for end users to figure out how to set up their own peer-to-peer campaign, but is great for things like our annual fund where folks aren't necessarily donating to a specific cause.

On both options, you can select "Dedicate this gift" and it will prompt the donor to enter the information including the email address of the person they wish to notify of the donation if they wish to do so. This enables more control in the donors hands.