2/3 of Americans don't have $400 for emergencies,
such as unexpected veterinary bills.

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The Suffering of Pets

Many pets and animals are being euthanized unnecessarily due to the lack of proper finances.

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The Burdens of Debt

Pet Parents face increased personal financial insecurity due to costly pet-care expenses.

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Veterinary Burnout

According to a recent study, Veterinary professionals are suffering from serious psychological distress.

"Veterinary professionals including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and their support staff are suffering. They are experiencing psychological distress, and they are leaving the profession because of compassion fatigue and burn-out. Studies indicate they have between 2.5 to 5 times the suicide rate of the general public. This is a problem we can, and must address."

-NOMV  | Not One More Vet


The mission of Furlanthropy, Inc. is to eliminate financial barriers and alleviate the financial burdens of pet parents and organizations caring for pets and animals.


Provide individuals and organizations (for-profit and non-profit) with the most trusted crowd-funding resource with our unprecedented three-point promise: 1. Every need is verified 2. Money raised goes directly to the cause 3. Every donation is tax-deductible eligible.


Furlanthropy, Inc. will be the leading online platform for all pet-related fundraising needs, as the first and only certified and charity-owned crowd-funding agency.


There are 1,475 crowd-funding / peer-to-peer platforms online today; such as GoFundMe.

What makes Furlanthropy the most trustworthy choice?

  • Furlanthropy is the only charity owned crowd-funding platform; which binds us to ethical standards not required of for-profit companies. The integrity of the philanthropic transaction is our top priority, rather than profits. 
  • Furlanthropy offers the most protection against fraud, deception, and theft, through its revolutionary process of raising and distributing funds.
  • Furlanthropy is the only platform operated by certified fundraising professionals.
  • Furlanthropy is the only crowdfunding platform that provides tax-deductible eligible gift receipts for donations made to crowd-funding / peer-to-peer campaigns created by individuals and designated to help individuals.
  • Furlanthropy is the only crowdfunding platform requiring validation of fundraising need.
  • Furlanthropy is the only organization offering the option of making a financial donation "from" (in tribute of) a pet.
  • Furlanthropy is the only peer-to-peer fundraising program offering paw-to-paw fundraising; campaigns started by pets and funded by pets.

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Furlanthropy® Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) under public charity status 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)

EIN: 87-4346748